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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Supreme Court Case

From Camp office at New Delhi on 09th  July 2013
Dear friends,
Today morning  We (me and Rajeev ) started our journey to supreme court as you all know that our pension case is coming before court for final hearing. First  we met our advocates Sri Rajagopal and Sri vinayakam  Balan and dicussed about the details of the case. We  discussed about the additional affidavit filed by the government of India one week before. The additional affidavit was filed by the Government only because of the sincere efforts  of our president Sri Ramachandra khundiyaji MP. The left unions are spreading news that Finance Minister  Chidambaram  is taken a stand against RRB pension issue and submitting an affidavit against giving pension  to RRB employees. But through the additional affidavit  Government of India offered their willingness to implement pension in RRB. We discussed the advocates about the major demerits about the additional affidavit. The eligible   conditions for pension that are not acceptable to us are the  following.
1.       RRB  should be profit making with no accumulated losses.
2.       Employees of RRBs shall contribute 30% of the corpus of pension fund in the respective RRB. This would be the actual funding requirement and not the notional funding requirement.
3.       A maximum of 25% of the net annual profit shall be contributed by the concerned RRB towards corpus of the pension fund.
After discussion we moved to court 2 of supreme court where there  HON’BLE MR. JUSTICE P. SATHASIVAM  hearing the case.  The court 2 was jam packed with union leaders of RRBs from different parts of India. AIRRBEA leaders from SMGB /KGB were also present. When our case called for hearing one left union advocate who was imp leaded late seek  adjournment of the case to study the additional affidavit. All other advocates oppose this .The Honorable judges told they don’t give adjournment indefinitely. However they allow time up to September 11th.Friends because of the foul play from one of the left union the case postponed to September 11 th.
Today at 4pm all the trade unions functioning in RRBs met at BOI  hall and discussed the various issues facing the RRBs. It is happy to note that NOBW attended the meeting after a long time. After prolonged discussions following decisions arrived at the meeting.
1 . All the unions agree to avoid further adjournment of pension case on 11th September, when it come for hearing.
2.All unions agreed the name of forum of RRB unions formed today shall be UNITED FORUM OF RRB UNIONS

3. On Pension issue it was decided that all unions should stick to the Parity of Pension in RRBs with reference to the Pension scheme that was introduced in the Banking Industry in terms of the settlement dated 29th October, 1993. All the concerned Advocates must be given instruction that there should not be any demand for deferment /adjournment of date of the Pension case. Necessary coordination between the Advocates will be arranged during the visit to New Delhi of the union leaders on 18 – 19 August, 2013.

4. It was noted that JCC meeting was last held on 01.02.2011 and lot of decisions were taken in that meeting. NABARD forwarded those decisions to the GOI for approval and implementation, but nothing has come out though a considerable time of nearly 2 and half years have passed since then. So it was decided that demand will be placed for immediate holding of JCC meeting and implementation of decisions of the JCC already forwarded by the NABARD to GOI. It was further decided that as followed in case of UFBU, all our Apex unions will form common approach on pending issues stated above while representing their views before the JCC and elsewhere. There will be meetings of UFRRBU whenever there will be occasion to represent the views of the Unions on above issues

Thanking you


Govindan Namboodiri P V said...

because of poverty and shortage of fund to meet day to day life expenses , the retired gramin bank employees are on the virge of madness and suicide. dont take such pathetic senior citizens of india who worked in RRBs as per banking regulation act 1949 like their counter parts in nationalised banks the maintanance and protection of senior citizens act 2007 may be very deeply studied very immediately and urgently by the concerned govt. departments on what ground the govt. is protecting the the fundmental right of equality before law and protection of huma rights act 1993

Govindan Namboodiri P V said...

by the govt. is not protecting the right of retired gramin bank employees to live in a ordinary level at the eve of their life we have fully scarifised all our service period for the welfare and uplifment of the downtroaden village people of the nation make immediate steps to protect the starwing retired rrb employees now they are put to starvation beggery and are thrown to street at these aged period protect the rights of these senior citizens of the nations to live .

Jayaraj Kuniyil said...

Sir we will fight for the pension and achieve the goal in near future.
Please visit regularly for our updates.

tenali said...

Sir, can u please update latest developments related to court case?


What is the latest stage of pension case in SC?

Neeraj Meghran said...

Please share the latest pension update from SC